Company Background

Integral was established in 2015 by a team of like-minded professionals with broad experience in the investment and financial planning industries. Our aim is to provide the best possible services, advice, products and administration at an affordable price. Staff objectives are aligned to the success of the business, which is dependent on a loyal client base. Each client deserves a financial plan that is personalised and actively managed to enable them to live the lives they deserve. Full disclosure and high ethics are integral to who we are.

Although we are based in Johannesburg, we have clients across SA and Africa, as well as clients residing in the UK and Europe.

Integral Asset Management provides full-discretion investment products and services reflecting our group’s best investment houseview. Integral Wealth Management provides financial planning and wealth management services and offers a full range of investment products and platforms, as well as life assurance, medical aid and corporate financial planning.

Your Protection

Financial Advisors Association

We take all possible steps to protect your investment capital, personal information and rights as an investor. This includes:

  • All investments are held in the nominee company of the investment firm that you contract with. Where possible (retirement funds excluded) this means that your assets do not sit on the balance sheet of the investment company, and are protected by an independent custodian. Retirement funds are subject to their own regulatory protection.
  • In establishing our business, we have invested in the best possible IT infrastructure given our business requirements. We believe good technology and appropriate systems can enable our business to stay ahead of the industry. Data back-ups are stored securely offsite and password protection for any cloud-based information is closely protected.
  • Both of the Integral companies are registered with the Financial Services Board as Category II FSP’s, and they are subject to monthly compliance audits by an independent compliance firm, Masthead.
  • Any conflicts of interest are clearly disclosed in our Conflict of Interests register, which is available on request. In addition, any steps taken to mitigate those risks are also detailed.
  • We have a Complaints Policy which is also available on request, detailing the simplest way for any aggrieved client to obtain efficient redress.
  • Integral investment portfolios actively consider individual client risk when they are constructed and managed. We define risk as the permanent loss of capital, and we utilise a number of strategies including diversification, active exposure management, and a broad range of research sources and models to mitigate portfolio risk.
  • We believe in full disclosure to avoid any unhappy financial surprises at a later stage. Like any happy marriage, the relationship between a client and their financial planner is based on honesty at all times.
  • We would rather lose a client at engagement stage than after we have onboarded them – if the fit is not a comfortable one it is better to terminate before the relationship begins.