Investment Philosophy

We strive to identify companies that have long term advantages, and to invest in those firms alongside the management and owners of those businesses. The primary risk when investing in listed shares is the permanent impairment or loss of capital. As a result we are benchmark-agnostic and will hold higher than average cash balances from time to time in order to protect capital.

We prefer companies that offer:

  • High return on capital with sustainable competitive advantages.
  • Management teams with interests aligned to those of shareholders.
  • Buying firms where the price is currently lower than perceived fair value, allowing a margin of safety for investors.

Our Investment approach is determined by:

  • Identifying macro-economic trends and changes globally and locally.
  • Assessing structural reforms, corporate and industry trends and their impact on stock markets.
  • Constructing portfolios using both a top-down and bottom up approach, considering both stock selection and asset allocation in the balance between maximising potential returns and minimising potential risk.

The rapidly changing socio-political, economic and technological environment has necessitated a more dynamic and pro-active approach to investment management, in order to meet demanding investment performance requirements.

At the same time, financial markets have grown increasingly complex and volatile. Our dedicated investment and research teams provide a disciplined and focused approach to our investment management. Our aim is to seek consistent superior investment performance relative to markets and to maximise returns at a risk profile appropriate to each client. We specialise in devising and implementing strategies to build, conserve and protect the net worth of our clients.

Our investment approach is flexible enough to cater for the unique financial requirements of individual clients, while at the same time disciplined enough to maintain a successful track record and reputation as a provider to selected institutions. Portfolios are managed to achieve the best possible returns within precisely tailored personalised parameters of risk and return. Flexibility is critical so that plans can be adjusted when market conditions or personal circumstances change.

The increased volatility of the global market emphasises the need for greater stock selectivity and a focus on sustainable and predictable earnings delivery. A clear, well-considered yet innovative investment strategy is therefore vitally important.